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I received my first copy of Today’s Veterinary Nurse in my work mailbox this past week; I cracked it open this morning and was so inspired by the stories written in it. The educational articles were great. I am so thankful that there is a journal for veterinary technicians! I subscribed as soon as I finished.

–Kalin Mayberry

I want to thank you for publishing such a well thought out, professional and informative magazine for veterinary technicians. This is long overdue and you have hit a home run.

–Donna Meier

I have been a licensed veterinary technician since 1979 and have had the privilege to work in academia and referral veterinary practices. This journal is relevant, educational and uplifting. It provides information to technicians from the student/recent graduates through veterinary technician specialists.

–Kathi L. Smith

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Vital Signs
-Nutrition: Feeding the Large Breed Puppy
-The Exam Room: Parasitology/Dermatology – Flea Allergy Dermatitis
-Internal Medicine Case Report: Hematemesis, Abdominal Pain and Anemia in and Older Cat
-From the Field: State of Pet Health Report
-Have Dog, Will Travel

-Pain Management: Chronic Pain Management in Felines
-Internal Medicine: Calculations for Fluid Therapy
-Large Animal: Atlanto-Occipital Luxation and Treatment in a Goat

The Extra Mile
-Career Challenges: Veterinary Nurse Initiative Update
-Personal Wellness: Channeling Grief and Loss to Find Strength and Drive

 Rabbit Dentistry


Vital Signs
-Nutrition: Feeding the New Kitten and Puppy
-The Exam Room: Alternative Medicine: Healing at the Speed of Light-Photobiomodulation Therapy in Practice
-Internal Medicine Case Report: Clinical Progress of Lingual Hermangiosarcoma in a Cat
-From the Field: 2nd Annual Vet Emerging Topics (VET) Report

-CE: Postoperative Management of the Orthopedic Patient
-Oncology: Preventing, Managing and Treating Chemo Induced GI Toxicity
-Anesthesia: Difficult Airway Management
-Exotics: Lead Poisoning in Wildlife
-AAFP: Understanding the Cat

The Extra Mile
-Career Challenges: Becoming a Mentor
-Personal Wellness: Ergonomics (Part 1)

FALL 2018

Vital Signs
-Nutrition: Feeding the Critical Care Patient
-Internal Medicine Case Report: Management of a Complicated Multi-resistant UTI
-From the Field: New Anesthesia Tool Kit

-CE: Stress and Pain Management
-Gastric Ulcers in Horses
Diagnostics: Blood Gasses
-Large Animal: Production Animals in Small Clinics
-AAFP: Pandora Syndrome

The Extra Mile
-Career Challenges: Professional Development
-Final Thoughts: Personal Wellness: Ergonomics Part 2


Puppies for the Holidays: Keeping Them Fear Free℠


Vital Signs
-Nutrition Notes: PLN: The Veterinary Nurses Role
-The Exam Room: TBD
-Internal Medicine Case Report: TBD
-From the Field: TBD
-Ideas Into Practice: TBD

-CE: Dental Charting
-Dermatology: TBD
-Adrenal Disease: Behind the Scenes
-Cardiovascular Disease Common Congenital Cardiac Disorders of Dogs and Cats
-AAFP: Errors and Omissions in the Lab

The Extra Mile
-Career Challenges: Professional Development: How to Manage a Nursing Team After Being Promoted
-Final Thoughts: Personal Wellness